Penn’s Pix for Flix

Penn’s Pix for Flix

CFe-X9qUkAAzE8jHello and welcome to Movie-fone… why don’t you just tell me the name of the movie that you want see?

Ah… good old Kramer. Funny every time.

DEADPOOL continues to rock strong as the number one film and has another week or two in IMAX. But this week we welcome RISEN, THE RACE and THE WITCH to compete for the number two spot. THE RACE is the true story of the great Olympian Jesse Owens (sounds like an understatement to just call him an Olympian… what an incredible story).

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55028268MONDAY NIGHT MOVIES are back on Monday with THE BREAKFAST CLUB. As always, they kick off at 7:00pm.

Those of you asking about BATMAN V SUPERMAN it looks like there will be early shows on March 24th and tickets go onsale February 29th… stay tuned for more details as we inch closer.

We are also showing THE MALTESE FALCON which is one of the great classics. Just two shows for it so take a look and enjoy.

Also – On Wednesday February 24th, please join us for a FREE Public screening of CONCUSSION. We will have a panel of experts including medical folks who will be discussing concussions at 6:15pm and then the movie begins at 7:00pm. This is being sponsored by CPRS so be sure to thank them for their hard work in helping us all stay safe and healthy!

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55694778Okay gang… that’s about it… oh and one more thing… if you use the disposable Kuerig filters, please do the right thing and clean em out after you make a cup of coffee. I mean, come on, we’re trying to be civilized an all.

Take care and Party on!


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