Penn’s Pix For Flix

Penn’s Pix For Flix

Written by Penn Ketchum 

It is soon going to be time for school again… Cue the frowning face emojis. It’s funny, when I was a kid I always complained about school but once I got there I always had a great time because all my friends were there. I like to think that is a pretty universal experience. Scared of the hard work, unsure of ourselves, but relieved to be in it together with a bunch of knuckleheads who are in the same boat.

This winter, the two biggest movies will be Justice League and Star Wars. Between the heroic main characters, the crazy flight sequences and thrilling action, there are a million reasons to love either one.

But within these fictional worlds of make believe, there exists something very real: groups of people trying to do the right thing. Groups who are perhaps scared of the hard work, unsure of themselves and just relieved to be in it together. In them, we see ourselves. We see ourselves as we hope we can be. We see our better selves. Maybe that’s why The Avengers rang true for so many people. (Or maybe it was just because that Tony Stark is so darn cool.) The Jedi knights are a cool bunch of kids, like little future Starks, fighting the man and so on. It makes you think: it would be super fun to go to school with those guys.

So as everyone rolls back to school that’s my wish for you: Party like a Jedi to achieve wisdom, strength, and courage. Maybe one day I will be reading about you kicking it up in the Justice League!