Penn’s Pix For Flix

Penn’s Pix For Flix

Written by Penn Ketchum 

It’s a reclining business… the movie industry, I mean.

As you read this, Penn Cinema will be converted in nine of its fourteen screens to Recliners (the 15th screen, IMAX, doesn’t get recliners… it’s too massive, you gotta sit up for that smack). Our friends at Regal are fully converted as well and I think it’s only a matter of time until you literally won’t be able to find a first-run theater that does not have recliners.

I personally love the spirit of the recliners. It is a great example of pushing the envelope to achieve an even better experience for our customers. It is a massive undertaking for any theater, but Penn Cinema has always reinvested in the the­ater to guarantee a world-class experience and so the “massive undertaking” is totally worth it.

This winter, Penn Cinema will feature Star Wars, Episode VIII, Jumanji, and on December 25, a musical called The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman. We know the man can sing and dance so I bet it’s gonna be good. I like the idea of a movie celebrating showmanship, and I am proud to be in an industry where we have the chance to embrace it. Yes, we need to show the good movies, that’s why people come – but there is also an element of needing to bring the extra to the show. A personal touch like a smiling staff member, a personal newsletter and even the reclining infrastructure is part of showmanship.

So take comfort in your reclining seats and in your local theater owners. We are committed to good movies, great experiences and whatever comes along next!

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