Penn’s Pix for Flix

Penn’s Pix for Flix

Feature by Penn Ketchum | Photos by Will Marks

So, what’s the big deal?

Well, just like our friends at Fine Living Lancaster, we are also celebrating ten years since we opened the doors of Penn Cinema in November of 2006. We opened as a ten-screen complex running 35-millimeter films, showing movies like Happy Feet and Casino Royale. Seems like such a long time ago.

Since then, we have reinvested millions of dollars (literally) into what has become Lancaster’s premiere cinema. We added four more screens, we were the first theater in the area to “go digital,” and of course the only ones to bring IMAX to Lancaster. We have hired the coolest kids, invented the Monday Night Movies series, and have raised thousands upon thousands of dollars for various people and groups in need.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

You know that grassy area between the IMAX building and the main building? We are going to build the two greatest auditoriums Lancaster has ever seen. We are doing this by connecting the two free-standing buildings with one great corridor running through the entire complex!

The two new screens will have a massive size and scope comparable to IMAX, but will feature recliners and reserved seating. They will also feature the area’s only Dolby Atmos sound system (Google it), which is widely considered the world’s very best theatrical sound. 5.1 channels or 7.1? Neither. Try 64 speakers in each house!

In addition to these two new houses, we are also converting four of our screens to feature recliners and reserved seating. When all is said and done, we will have 17 total screens, including the region’s biggest screens, best systems, and coolest employees. It’s a pretty big deal.

By the time you read this, we will have broken ground. We expect the six new houses to be up and running by April of 2017. To say that we are excited would be a massive understatement; in many ways, this is the culmination of ten years in the business and we think these will be among the finest auditoriums in the world. And considering how much we love our community, that’s exactly what we think you deserve!