PENN’S PIX For Your Winter Entertainment

PENN’S PIX For Your Winter Entertainment

Okay so… “Welcome to Winter”!

It’s finally cold and now that we’re well into January, I guess I need to find my hat and mittens. And to celebrate, IRON VALLEY TUBING  is now OPEN FOR FUN!! Opening today at 4:00pm this BRAND NEW and STATE OF THE ART tubing slope includes a ridiculous 130-foot drop! The course is over 900 feet long and there are plenty of lanes… aw man, this is gonna be fun! Check em out HERE!

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And also this week we have RIDE ALONG 2 which, in my opinion, may end up actually even being funnier than the first! I was an “okay” fan of the first one but this one looks even funnier. Come see it and then tell me if I’m nuts or what.

13 HOURS: THE SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI also opens this week and promises to be a compelling addition to the War Movie genre. Another on the long list of amazing true stories to come out of our armed forces and what they are out there doing around the world.

NORM OF THE NORTH is an easy going PG family film. I’m a sucker for these type of movies. Totally predictable I am sure, but easy, relaxed and funny… all things I like!

For you OSCAR Fans… we have the following Oscar Nominees for your review… CAROL, SPOTLIGHT, THE REVENANT, CREED (yup, Sly got the Nom!!), DANISH GIRL, BIG SHORT and HATEFUL EIGHT (and yeah, STAR WARS got totally snubbed as per usual… but it’s still playing if you wanna count the Best Score Nomination).

Alright boys and girls, get your mittens hot, make some Hot Cocoa and we’ll see you on the slopes and at the movies!!

Take care and Party On…

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