Plenty of Class, Dash of Sass

Plenty of Class, Dash of Sass

The all-new Volvo S90 is worthy of your attention. Whether your daily driving includes shuttling the kids to sports events, breezing through a long commute, or just teaching the back roads who’s boss, the S90 had something to offer you.

Clean lines in the all-new design let you know that the swedes have focused heavily on style and that indication continues to the interior. Every control is thoughtfully placed and actuated while looking purposeful and modern.

Settle in for a drive and you’ll be greeted by the large SENSUS touchscreen interface. Set your entertainment choice, environment, and destination, all from the SENSUS screen, which operates similarly to your favorite tablet.

Smooth and aggressive as you pull away, the S90 offers all the refinement you expect from the Scandinavian marque while delivering an acceleration and performance that will surprise those that have not been closely following Volvo’s advances in the last decade or so.


All in all, a winner for Volvo, the S90 is worthy of its place among the top Euro sedans.

Stop by Stadel Volvo to see their completely new showroom and test drive an S90. You are most likely going to drive it home.

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