POURk & Sauerkraut

POURk & Sauerkraut

“I feel that if you’re going out to eat, there should be a reason for you to go out,” says chef Anthony Davis of POUR. “We don’t ever want to give someone something that they could just as easily make at home.”This is how the kitchen staff at POUR approaches the food they serve, making each dining experience memorable and out of the ordinary. POUR is one of Lancaster’s downtown hotspots, and it’s garnered such a reputation in no small part due to its excellent food. “Easily over 50% of our produce comes from local suppliers,” chef Davis comments on how he and his kitchen staff utilize Lancaster’s plethora of local farmers. “There’s no reason to have something shipped in from Argentina when we have all of this great produce being grown locally.” Because chef Davis is so committed to using as many local products as possible, POUR’s menu is constantly shifting with what is seasonally available. “Most people think that seasons for certain vegetables last three months,” says Davis. “They don’t. Some things are only in season for two weeks. We don’t have ingredients like asparagus or strawberries year round because we can’t always get them fresh.”

By restricting himself to using only fresh ingredients, chef Davis takes every opportunity to experiment with different flavors. “Because we change our menu so frequently to adjust to what ingredients are available, we force ourselves to come up with a lot of different flavor combinations that others haven’t tried.” POUR had served a special menu on December 31st to ring in the New Year, and chef Davis had served a unique spin on holiday staples. Of the pork and sauerkraut that had been served on New Year’s Eve, Davis had stated, “It’ll taste like it, it’ll smell like it, but it won’t look like any pork and sauerkraut that you’ve ever had before.”

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Chef Anthony Davis
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