Quick Picks (FLL#35)

Quick Picks (FLL#35)

HimalayanCurryGrillHimilayan Curry & Grill

Did someone say lunch buffet?! Yes, please. For just $8.95, you can indulge in curried vegetables, tandoori chicken, naan bread, and so much more. The food is authentic, delicious, and fresh, with plenty of options for your visiting vegan family members. No worries for us carnivores; there is also an array of tasty, meaty dishes including chicken tarkari. As if that wasn’t satisfying enough, there is always dessert. Our favorite is the carrot pudding. The ownership and waitstaff are friendly, attentive, and are, as witnessed on an FLL visit, caring human beings. As we left the restaurant, a man was rummaging through the trash can for food. The manager quietly came over to him and asked if he had eaten anything that day. He shook his head and she proceeded to go in and gather him a carton of food— a small act of humanity that cemented my adoration of the Himalayan Curry and Grill at 22 East Orange Street.

KissMyFace“Kiss My Face” Natural Liquid Rock Deodorant

If you’ve ever looked for an all-natural, aluminum chlorohydrate and paraben free deodorant, you’ll know finding one that actually works isn’t easy. Many all-natural deodorants wear off after just a few hours of perspiring. However, Kiss My Face Natural Liquid Rock Deodorant does the job and does it well. Clinically proven to work all day long (leaving no white marks), the deodorant comes in many invigorating scents such as patchouli, lavender, and green tea cucumber. Cruelty-free, no animal ingredients, plant extracts, and even recyclable packaging! Purchase yours at Savemart or Rhubarbs.

BeccaBecca Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector

Managing Editor Madison Pontz doesn’t typically prefer wearing makeup. Even a simple swipe of mascara or lipgloss feels overwhelming for her. Her self-proclaimed “morning laziness” with skin and eye sensitivity, combined with not much experience in the artistry of makeup has caused her to steer clear of makeup altogether. However, after finding an amazing highlighting luminizer, she will avoid makeup no longer. Madison purchased BECCA Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal a few months ago and has since worn it constantly. The pressed powder is so flattering that it truly makes her look like she’s glowing. The pressed powder is easy to apply with a big brush, yet somehow still feels creamy. BECCA makes shades to fit many different skin tones, too. We know it’s a splurge at $38, but trust her— it’s worth it.

SongOfTheSeaSong of the Sea

If you’re looking for a change of pace from the fast-paced action and pop humor in today’s animated films, consider spending 90 minutes contemplatively exploring a moving, magical painting. Song of the Sea is an immersive celtic faerie tale and epic adventure. Every scene is ornately detailed, and the characters are uniquely imaginative. Made by the same talented team who created The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea is available on DVD and BluRay at Amazon, Walmart, Target, Netflix, and Barnes and Noble. It is also available for streaming via iTunes, GooglePlay, and Amazon.

GinGinsGin Gins

By now it is no secret that ginger root has amazing healing powers. Ginger is known to soothe the digestive system, ward off sickness, reduce pain, limit inflammation, and ease nausea. Gin Gins are great to throw in your purse or desk drawer to conveniently give you that extra boost of relief when you need it. They come in a few different flavors, such as spicy apple and peanut, and are available as a hard, chewy, or crystallized candy. Whether you suffer from motion sickness or morning sickness, keep Gin Gins on hand as a natural go-to remedy. FLL picked up a few bags from Savemart and our tummies are thanking us!

LushHandmadeCosmeticsLush Handmade Cosmetics

Purchasing items from Lush can easily become an addiction. The company creates handmade cosmetics using fresh, organic ingredients and essential oils, all the while excelling towards social and environmental consciousness. With a closet full of Lush products, FLL narrowed it down to our absolute favorites (so far).

“Cynthia Sylvia Stout” tops the list as one of the best shampoos on the market. It leaves your hair full and soft and seems to appeal to just about every hair type there is. Plus, how cool is it that you are washing your hair with beer? “Let the Good Times Roll” facial scrub and “Celestial” facial moisturizer are a great combination for those with sensitive skin. Used together, they calm your face and leave the skin smooth, fresh, and lightly scented. Stop into Lush at Park City and explore your next addiction.

LePensLéPen Pens

What could possibly be so special about some simple pen? But, trust Madison (Managing Editor) when she says that not all pens are created equal. She spends a good deal of her day taking notes by hand, and always stresses out when she can’t find her favorite LePen buried at the bottom of her bag. The pens have a nice, superfine point, and come in 18 different colors. Madison prefer bright pinks, blues, and greens for her personal notes, but LePen makes the basic ink colors as well. These pens are available in stores and online, and (honestly) they’re so worth it. Not only are they smooth to write with, they make everything you handwrite look so incredibly special.

SmoothiesSmoothies at Grand Central Bagel Café

Finding the right smoothie is always a “Goldilocks” effort. Some are too sweet, others too icy, most are too heavy, and some are so filled with powdered ingredients they no longer resemble anything edible. From California to Mount Rushmore, from Chicago to New York, smoothies are tried and evaluated. In the end, the best are just a few miles from home. Grand Central Bagel Café on Centerville Road makes smoothies that are just right. The Berry Goodness (packed with blueberries, strawberries, and more) makes for a natural afternoon pickme- up. The Green Giant (filled with kale, spinach, lemon, banana, and more) delivers a healthy dose of ingredients to keep your GI infrastructure working at peak performance. Not too “anything” but perfectly delicious.

BerrySpiceTeaBerry Spice Tea

So, apparently there’s more to tea than buying a box of Earl Grey or English Breakfast at the grocery store. Who knew? The Herb Shop at Central Market is an eye-opening and mouthwatering experience. Repeated samplings of Berry Spice led FLL to hunting down and purchasing a personal stash (no touchie!) of this richly complex variety of loose tea. Buy yourself a good tea ball at your favorite kitchen store, and go on an enlightened tea-drinking adventure. Save yourself some time—order your stash online and pick up at the shop!

DogfishHeadDogfish Head Brewery

Too hot for the beach? Raining? Want to do something different? Why not go on the free 60-minute tour of Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware, just a 20-minute drive from Rehoboth Beach. There you’ll learn how the company started and how the beer is made, all the while being charmed by the tour guide and ending with four delicious samples of their beers. The FLL favorite brew was stored in a special wood only found in Paraguay. The tasty beverage, 12% alcohol and all, is called Palo Santo Marron. Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes, and have fun wearing the science goggles! A fun time will be had by all, even if you don’t partake in the free-flowing alcohol. Check out their website at dogfish.com for more information.

SmuleAutoRapSmule Auto Rap

Have you ever had dreams of being a rapper? No matter what your age, you can share many laughs (all while feeling super famous) with the smart phone app called Smule Auto Rap. The steps to make your mix are easy: choose your backup music, confabulate as it records what you’re saying, and your words are instantly mixed into a talented hit song. Many laughs will be had between you and your loved ones using this family-friendly rap device.

InisCologneInis Cologne

Calling all fine men. Take our advice: the real way to get a woman’s attention is through her brain. No worries; you don’t have to know the difference between Sunni and Shia to get to your destination. The path of least resistance is through the sense of smell, which has a direct link to our brains. Start with the soap you use, end with Inis cologne. It’s time to drop the Axe. With a spray of Inis, you’ll remind her of time by the sea, of ruggedly handsome men, and of invigorating dreams involving romantic trysts while visiting the Emerald Isle. Inis cologne is available at Zanzibar Gift Shop, 21 West King Street.


Lancaster-based punk rock band Spill is, well, really great. Made up of former members of two other local bands (Placeholder and We Were Skeletons), these four guys are putting out really cool, catchy music. The band’s debut—a self-titled EP—was released on vinyl and digital in August 2015. Every track the band has released so far has been better than the last, with their debut single “Sucks Either Way” quickly becoming an early favorite. They are a good musical pick for fans of the indie rock band: Guided by Voices. Their lyrics are clever; their music is energetic and strong. Be sure to check them out now at spillband.tumblr.com.

NyxLipCreamNyx Soft Matte Lip Cream

It is true that a girl can never have enough lip glosses, but what about a lip cream? Soft Matte Lip Cream by NYX is different than your average lip gloss in that when applied, it stays creamy with a matte finish for a flawless, nearly natural look. It does not dry your lips and is heavily pigmented, so the color lasts quite a while. Not to mention they have a pleasantly light vanilla fragrance and are cruelty-free. Whether you want to vamp it up or tone it down, Soft Matte Lip Cream will have a color for you. These little wonders are available in a limited variety of classic colors and are extremely inexpensive at around $6 a piece. Pick up a shade or two wherever NYX products are sold.

BrokenAgeBroken Age

If you enjoy “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, enjoy playing point-and-click adventure games, and if your funny bone prefers more than a dash of odd and quirky humor, make sure to check out the crowdfunded game: Broken Age by Tim Schafer at Double Fine Productions. Broken Age tells simultaneous stories about two teens yearning to escape the insanity they find themselves trapped in. The puzzles range in complexity between obvious and “I’m gonna have to look up hints online,” and the dialog is consistently clever & hilarious. Available for download on Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Ouya, and iOS.