Reserve and Recline!

Reserve and Recline!

Well, Emma Watson and Tom Hank’s movie THE CIRCLE opens this week but the big news is the arrival of RESERVED RECLINERS at PENN CINEMA!

We are now up and running with two screens which feature fully reclining luxury seats which you can reserve ahead of time… RESERVED RECLINERS. In addition to being super comfy, the new layout allows very spacious rows (we heard you when you said the current rows are too narrow) and the ability to reserve your seat ahead of time! We’re really excited to introduce these amenities and we are continuing with construction on more theaters as we speak.

For right now… you can see FATE OF THE FURIOUS and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in our RESERVED RECLINERS and then when GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 opens on Thursday Night that film will have these seats available too!

So please come try them, let me know what you think. We care a whole lot about your experience and are really interested in hearing your feedback!

WANT SOME FREE PENN CINEMA LEATHER SEATS? As you know, the seats that are being removed are really nice, leather seats with the Penn Cinema Logo stitched in the headrest. Send me and e-mail if you want some for your basement. We’d love to set some aside for you instead of sending them to the landfill! Seriously… just drop me a note. They’d look great in your basement!

Speaking of GUARDIANS… It opens in IMAX 3D on Thursday night as well and if you want to take in the whole experience it is also opening as a DOUBLE FEATURE on Thursday with the original beginning at 4:30pm. The DOUBLE FEATURE is in 3-D but is not IMAX.

And of course, our MONDAY NIGHT MOVIE series concludes the Spring Season on Monday at 7:00pm with GREASE (1978).

And our FILM CLUB (First Tuesday of the Month) meets Tuesday Night at 7:00pm for the screening of the 1946 French Classic… PANIQUE (1946). Stay after for a discussion led by Dr. Jill Craven, Film Professor from Millersville and all around super cool human being.

Alright, guys… that’s it for me.

Take care and Party on!