RMS: Seamless Technology Integration For Work and Home

RMS: Seamless Technology Integration For Work and Home

Written by Roxannah Hunter

Advances in technology have been shaping modern life since the invention of the wheel. Today, items like the personal computer, cell phone, and wireless internet have changed the way we shop for clothes, travel the globe, conduct business, and even meet our spouses. In essence, technology has changed everything: how we live, work, and play.

RMS is a Lancaster-based company that recognizes technology’s role in modern life and strives for seamless integration. What they offer clients is more than product installation; they offer a way of transforming spaces so that they become highly unique and functional. RMS focuses on the human element in order to create these personalized solutions that are incredibly simple to use but remarkably powerful and feature-rich. They work beyond a client’s need to control lights, shades or thermostats. Instead, RMS seeks to understand clients’ lifestyles in order to create unique features best suited to their ways of living and working.

Established in 2001, RMS is guided by three core values: simplicity, reliability, and beauty. Company owner and president Caleb Fetter prioritizes simplicity as the first core value with reliability as a close second. His company is motivated by the question, “How quickly can you get to the task you set out to do?”

In their East Chestnut Street showroom, RMS illustrates this point. Their huddle space, a small collaboration room featuring a six-seat conference table, is designed to allow for efficient information sharing. Clients desiring this type of space explain that their greatest need is to quickly share information from a laptop to other members in a conference room. In fewer than 10 seconds, Fetter demonstrates how his team has addressed this need. He turns on the system by simply connecting one video cable to his laptop. That’s it. No remote. No button to push. No cord dangling from the mounted flat screen. This simplicity is revolutionary considering the time and productivity traditionally lost in meetings where information is shared electronically.

A very close second in RMS’ core values is reliability. Fetter points to the fact that people want their technology to be simple, and they want it to work: “Our solutions are not merely a collection of components, but rather they function as one cohesive system. These systems feature a selection of devices that can ‘check up’ on the others, ensuring rock-solid system reliability. The system just has to work. It has to perform predictably and dependably every time our clients wants to use it.”

The simplicity and reliability offered by RMS sets them apart in their industry. With the ability to create productive and efficient systems that enhance collaboration, businesses can create meaningful spaces where technology enhances output, which eliminates the need for constant troubleshooting.

RMS further excels beyond their competitors by considering how their technology appears. Beauty, RMS’ third core value, is traditionally not used to describe technological devices. The blank TV screen on the living room wall might deliver entertainment, but when turned off, it is a black void occupying space otherwise reserved for a family portrait or piece of art. People value what technology can do rather than what it looks like. Countless options allow clients to conceal unsightly televisions, speakers, and panels so that they do not detract from the architecture and design of the room. The incorporation of aesthetic choices into technology solutions is paramount in residential spaces.

Even commercial offices are tuning in to the psychology of space by creating rooms that are communal and casual. Open-concept offices that pay attention to design not only look beautiful but boast higher productivity levels than their cubical-clad counterparts. It is not surprising then that RMS’ showroom looks more like an art gallery than it does a catalogue of installation options. The space demonstrates how music is felt, not seen, presentations delivered, not set up, and atmosphere created, not configured.

RMS truly understands that technology is a way of life and what the wheelset in motion 6,000 years ago is still true today. Technology will forever be moving forward with advances we can only imagine. RMS is keeping up with seamless integration solutions that not only enhance the spaces we occupy but also offer us the fullest experience in them.