Road Tripping (#10) – Traveling from Billings Montana, through Wyoming, to South Dakota

Road Tripping (#10) – Traveling from Billings Montana, through Wyoming, to South Dakota

Time to celebrate!

Jordan has succeeded in his goal of visiting all 50 states before his 25th birthday!

We left Billings this morning, heading east for the first time in over six days. He posted a picture of himself at the state line on Facebook and there was a tremendous response! Well-wishers and fellow bucket-listers expressed their desire to accomplish the same feat, creating an online community to share his special day.

We will be in Rapid City until Thursday morning.

Tonight we relaxed and played a rousing game of mini golf, reminiscing about these games of the past. We didn’t keep score.

We then had yet another philosophical discussion about how competitive (or in this case, not competitive) we are and how this has influenced myriad decisions in our lives.

Tomorrow we head out with every other tourist here in South Dakota to visit the Crazy Horse statue, Mount Rushmore, and then to explore downtown Rapid City. We will celebrate Jordan’s achievement and our big adventure. We are trying not to think about the many days of 10 hours drives that will begin early Thursday morning.

One thing that should be noted about what I have seen out West—there are plenty of “help wanted” signs here, everything from a commissioned Sears salesman starting at $25 an hour to “all positions needed” at a local Red Lobster. Every gas station we stopped at needed help.

Jordan and I have also seen swaths of extreme poverty; houses not cared for in decades, streets not paved after many harsh winters, pawnshops, and way too many casinos of every shape and size. There is an economic uneasiness here that is difficult to explain, and certainly not my place after spending only a few hours in the area. These are only my observations, but they definitely make me wonder how outsiders see our own Lancaster County.