Road Tripping (#2) – Preparation and Predators

Road Tripping (#2) – Preparation and Predators

“I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity.”
— Oprah Winfrey

RoadTrip2_GearLogistics, specifically dealing with safety, that is my function—always has been. I’m the mom who bought each child a fire extinguisher for their rooms, a ladder to escape out the window, and secured an emergency meeting spot. I am also the type of person who enters a theatre or restaurant and will know where the nearest exit is located and if my kids are with me they will know that important info as well. Looking for some sort of control of the uncontrollable has always been my goal. As moms, we know we have absolutely no control over anything except for the necessary vaccines, for our kids, other than that we hope and pray.

Keep your kids safe, yet let them explore the ultimate tug of war we as parents experience. I am traveling hundreds of miles with my grown man of a son yet, as a mom, I still feel I need to do everything I can to keep him safe. Honestly, I would bring a gun if I owned one and was trained in the use of a handgun. Instead, I will have us supplied with various items (pepper spray and stun guns) that give us time to run. Do I expect to experience trouble? No, but for the same reason I’m bringing a first aid kit: Better safe than sorry.

As far as the bed bug detection light, we probably have a greater chance at being victims to those insidious creatures than any other trouble. Bed bugs are now the scourge of hotels, theatres, and dorms across the country. Personally, I blame this predator attack on Rachel Carson (Silent Spring) and her DDT hyperbolic scares. Whatever the reason I know to put luggage in the bathtub and check all linens and bedding. My eyes are not as young as they once were, so now I have help. Someone asked, “What do you do if you find something?” Go to the front desk and ask for another room. The one thing I have learned from my research of these horrible critters is that they can take over one room and not even touch another. I would prefer not to spread bed bugs across the United States. (On a crazy side note, but hey this is my blog/musings, have you noticed bed bugs have been found everywhere, Waldorf Astoria included but nothing in an Orlando resort? I think they import their DDT from Latin America, where it is still legal. Silly, but makes you go hmmm.)

Bought and ready > Toyota’s Safety SOS call center. You know, the “Push the button … Something happened … Help me!!!” connection. For $129.00 it is worth the piece of mind. AAA only goes so far, like Pittsburgh.

Also packed: water, protein bars, apples, emergency radio, toilet paper, baby wipes … but no swords for zombies. I haven’t reached that level … yet.