Road Tripping (#4) – Leaving and Arriving

Road Tripping (#4) – Leaving and Arriving

photo 27 hours 30 minutes; 430 miles • July 9, 2014

So far Jordan and I have named my Prius (we settled on Grace) and given each other historical nicknames.

For no particular reason he is Lewis and I am Clark (as in, of course, the famous Western exploration duo of Lewis and Clark).

So far, I have pretty much experienced Clark doing a lot of sleeping, while Lewis dodges trucks and encourages an 80-horsepower car to climb those mountains. I’ve found that a few words of encouragement go a long way.

I have also discovered that I can get about 450 miles per tank of gas. The tank holds 10 gallons and we will have to refill each day.

Every Ohio rest area we stopped at smelled the same—like baby powder. The smell is interesting, comforting and makes me wonder how much the Buckeye state spends to pump that baby smell into these hubs that would more realistically smell like the greasy fast food being served to tired travelers.

A bed bug check has cleared our Comfort Suites hotel room, which is located directly across from the now empty Ohio Fairgrounds.

After a simple Panera Bread dinner and a quick walking tour of the Ohio State University campus, we have tucked our selves in for the night. Sleep will soon be on the agenda, even if it is only 7:45 p.m.

And for those of you who, like my mother, are confused by time zones—that is 7:45 p.m. EST, meaning that is exactly how late it is in Lancaster, as well.

Yes, I know the sun is still up, but my eyelids are certainly dropping.

Five hours of travel tomorrow to our next stop—Chicago!