Searching for Home: Real Estate Agent Becky Brady

Searching for Home: Real Estate Agent Becky Brady

BeckyAndDogIf you are looking to purchase a home in Lancaster, or its surrounding counties, real estate agent Becky Brady will be pleased to assist you. Becky started out in real estate as a marketer for commercial real estate. She then moved to Lancaster where she was introduced to Anne Lusk (Lusk & Associates Sotheby’s International Realty), one of the top real estate agents in Lancaster. Working as an assistant for two and a half years, this past January Becky made a big decision; she decided to pursue her own real estate.

What Becky loves most about her job is meeting new people. “You have your normal base of clients, but you’re always meeting new, interesting people. I love seeing how people decorate their new homes. It’s amazing how many different people are in this world,” she says.

Although she has the ability to work from home, Becky prefers to go to the office. Becky explains to me that for two hours, four times a month, each agent is on “phone duty” at the office. When customers go on websites such as Zillow or Trulia and request more information on a particular listing, the agent (from a variety of companies in the area) who replies first gets the listing.

For home buyers who are purchasing for the first time, Becky is more than willing to explain every detail of the buying process. It is her company’s goal to assist their clients from start to finish. “Here in Lancaster, it’s a buyer’s market,” she says.

Becky is authentically kind and I spoke to her with great ease during our conversation. She recently rescued a dog in January from the SPCA who she loves to go camping and hiking with. She frequents the Bulls Head Public House in Lititz and also enjoys horseback riding. Becky is knowledgeable and professional, yet down to earth. She is the perfect match for you to help you find your dream home.