Secret Someones

Secret Someones

From an early age, Bess Rogers was raised in a musical home in Long Island, New York. Her mother, a musician who played harpsichord and recorder, began teaching Bess her musical skills. As a teenager, Bess started writing songs and playing the guitar. She often attended open mic nights, which Long Island held often. “Long Island was actually a great spot for up and coming singer/songwriters. There was a lot of support and love from the community,” Bess explains.

Bess actually aspired to become a professional flautist as a child, but as she budded into a young teenager and learned guitar, she knew she’d found her ultimate calling. She considers herself lucky to have that knowledge as such a young age, as many young women and men struggle to find their passion.

Bess spent some time as a solo rock star, but in 2013, the band Secret Someones was formed.

Secret Someones is a New York-Based alt-rock band comprised of Bess Rogers, Hannah Winkler, Lelia Broussard, and drummer Zach Jones. Each band member has been an individual singer/songwriter within their own musical journeys, and after voyaging through a tour of house concerts together, it seemed as though they should give the crowd what they really wanted: a band with all of them involved. The foursome are all connected in some way; Lelia and Bess toured together, Hannah and Bess lived together in Brooklyn, and Zach has played for Lelia, Hannah, and Bess as solo artists. It seemed destined that the creative friends would come together to form one powerful group. They signed with Cherrytree in 2013 and made it official.

Secret Someones debut album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft and Spotify!

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