Sober Listening: Moira Records at Lazarus Juice Bar

Sober Listening: Moira Records at Lazarus Juice Bar

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.13.20 PMIt’s Friday night, and you’ve had a very long week. You could go to a bar, or a bar, or another bar… Or you could engross yourself in some jazz, funk, soul, or house music at Moira-Lazarus and surround yourself with other individuals who are choosing to stay sober for the night. Sometimes social norms can get the best of us (such as “the only thing to do on a Friday is drink!”), but they don’t have to.

Moira Records at Lazarus Juice Bar has been hosting Sober Listening Parties on First and Third Fridays. Whether the purpose is to release a local musicians new record, or just to introduce some inspiring new music to like-minded individuals, Moira-Lazarus wants to provide a sober option for you on a Friday night.

“As owners, we are passionate about creating a space where you can enjoy music, art, and collective conversation without using some kind of substance to soften the barrier of social anxieties,” co-owner Jason Pohlig (along with co-owner Juany Santos) says. The sober parties are not only open to people who choose a completely sober lifestyle. They are open to everyone no matter what lifestyle they choose, with the understanding that the event held at the shop is a sober environment.

There are big plans of offering both infused coconut water and cucumber water, as well. Also, starting in October, Moira-Lazarus will have something called “Sunday Service.” Every Sunday, you can live stream whatever vinyl the shop is playing through your phone, laptop, computer, tablet, etc.

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