Scenes from the Sonoran Desert

Scenes from the Sonoran Desert

Phoebus climbs precisely upward,
Desert glass dusting in his wake.
Cactus limbs poise


Mesquite snarls, spindly,
Collude against the scorching arc,
Pack down water and reserve all precious life.

Brittle claws and scaly flesh advance,
Forked tongues thrashing flames augustan


Sand-dense wings and
bone-kempt feather scatter,
Harvest nectar scarce amidst the furls.

Shadows flee,
Run in terror from out each angle,
Evaporate completely in their madness
Growing pale and then forgotten,


10454471_2766b98c59_bShepherding beams,
The sun melts soft below the sandscape


In some crude ditch,
A verdant tower rises,
Proffering spines into the hot wind.