South by South Wonderful: Part Six

South by South Wonderful: Part Six

For thirty years and counting, thousands head to Austin, TX each March for the annual SXSW Festival. Once again, Fine Living Lancaster joined this pilgrimage to act as your eyes and ears at the SXSW Music, Film, and Interactive festivals. What a wonderful, educational, entertaining, and, well, super fun trip it was. Check out our roundup of our best discoveries here!

“For the Olfactory Connoisseur”
If you are as obsessed with having a signature scent as we are, check out Riddle Scented Oils. The scents completely live up to their slogan—“For the Olfactory Connoisseur”—and are totally unique. Based on our (very thorough!) sniff test at SXSW, we suggest Riddle Oil Original scent for those who love clean, fresh smells, and North Wind for a slightly sweeter, beachy scent. Shop the scented oils at



From Gutenberg to Google
Jon Meacham was on the panel, “From Gutenberg to Google: How Tech Can Transform Faith.” That’s why we first
walked into the forum… for Mr. Meacham. We can admit that some of us here at FLL have a bit crush on him and his ability to bring history alive and charm us with his slow Southern drawl, as well as his keen eloquence and ability to make us think. This time around, Meacham spoke on how our faith and spirituality do not necessarily have to bring us back to a formal religion, but back into being a part of a community that cares for one another. Meacham, Sally
Quinn of The Washington Post, and Shawn Bose, CEO of created On Faith, an online community with this purpose. Each advisor of the online platform brings an interesting perspective, from Meacham, a devout Episcopalian who finds comfort in the discipline of a formal religion, to the still questioning Quinn who, after the death of her beloved husband Ben Bradley, traveled the world in search of enlightenment and answers to the questions that have plagued humankind from the beginning: why are we here? What is our purpose? As Meacham pointed out, in this day and age of political consternation, it is most appropriate to find ways to connect with one another, rather than dividing and isolating. Find more at, or on Twitter @onfaith.

Elevé Cosmetics
Looking for makeup without any of the bad stuff that’s still totally glam? Check out Elevé Cosmetics, an Austin-based
cosmetics brand that promises its products are all natural, vegan-based, and GMO, gluten, paraben, sulfate, phthalate, and cruelty free. We love their Bombshell Beauty Balm for breezy, lightweight coverage, and their Lip Liq,
a liquid matte lipstick that dries matte but feels comfortable all day. Shop the brand at

Sipping on our signature cocktails in the Resistance Radio SXSW headquarters, checking out the prototype of the Amazon Prime Air Flying Drone in person, and generally digging the Cool Kid mixed with a Spy Thriller vibes
of the Amazon Prime Video PATRIOT Party, we were met with one question: “Who is John Lakeman?” You’ll have to check out the Amazon original series, “Patriot,” now streaming, for the answer to that question.

Boiler Nine Bar + Grill
Boiler Nine, located in part of what was originally the Seaholm Power Plant offers elevated dishes and cocktails. A highlight of our meal was this bright and beautiful mussel dish. Be certain to try the beer bread as well, it didn’t last long enough for us to get a photo!




Fleet Coffee
A very short Fasten ride from downtown will result in your entire life being changed (there’s no Uber in Austin!) The
E.T. at Fleet coffee is almost literally life-changing – it will at least change the way you look at coffee. The ingredients include lime juice, simple syrup, espresso and tonic water over ice. It’s simple and simply perfect. We recommend that you get three: one to drink there, one for the ride back to downtown and then an extra, because you’ll be wanting to turn the car right back around when the first two are gone.


Thanks for sharing in our experiences and memories from SXSW!

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