Spa la Vie: Classic Tailored Facial

Spa la Vie: Classic Tailored Facial

I waltzed into Spa la Vie ready to experience my first ever facial. Friends have always begged me to get one, exclaiming how much I would love the products that are used and the peaceful feeling you experience afterwards. “Plus, your skin looks and feels pretty dope,” one friend told me.

Danielle Todd, owner of Spa la Vie located on Columbia Avenue, has truly created a fresh and open space. The spa immediately brightens your day as you walk in and are greeted by calming colors and a smiling, welcoming staff. At Spa la Vie, “your escape is waiting.” Walking into Spa la Vie is like walking into a atmosphere of purity and natural wellness.

Danielle is also a practicing aesthetician and licensed massage therapist. She brought me into the room where I would be getting facial. Danielle asked me a few questions about my problem areas on my skin, and about my skincare regimen so she could tailor the facial to exactly what was best for my sensitive skin. I got comfortable on the table, soft music playing, and lights dimmed. I was totally ready to get pampered!

These are the steps which Danielle took during my facial, which lasted for 90 ethereal minutes of heavenly divinity:

  1. She began with an introduction inhalation of emulsion concentrate. The emulsion concentrate was made up of an exclusive blend of lavender, geranium, cypress, thyme, and rosemary. It smelled earthy, herbal, and refreshing.
  2. She then used a warm compress soaked in Spa la Vie’s exclusive phyto bain (made of sage, rosemary, and petit grain). This felt amazing and got me to fully relax.
  3. She then cleansed my entire face using Lait Nettoyant, a gentle cleansing milk. She massaged the cleansing milk into my skin.
  4. She then used the first exfoliation product called Gommage. Gommage is a gentle, non-abrasive gel which, as it dries, it softens and “peels,” removing dead skin without any irritation. I would have to say this was the most unique feeling during the facial. It was not uncomfortable at all, but I have truly never felt anything like it before. I could literally feel all of the impurities on my skin being gently lifted off as Danielle massaged my face.
  5. The second exfoliation was an active micro-peel, a botanical enzyme peel which increases cell turnover for smoother skin. It also lessens fine lines (which, I’m 30 now, so I need some help with)!
  6. Danielle then sprayed a light, cooling mist from Lucas Championniere. This is a custom-created toner for my skin which firms, calms, and hydrates the skin. It also prepared my skin for some extractions.
  7. The next step was my absolutely favorite. I am pretty sure I fell asleep for a few minutes during it. Danielle massaged my face, neck, and décolleté with one of the facial creams they offer at Spa la Vie, and she chose Pamplemousse and Yon-Ka Paris Serum based on my skin condition and type.
  8. IMG_7298Danielle then applied a triple blend clay mask which purified and soothed my facial skin. While this was settling in, she did a hand, arm, and foot massage. I think I died and went to heaven during that time. Seriously.
  9. Finally, she finished with a light facial cream to moisturize my skin, again using the Pamplemousse.

So, I guess I have a new addiction now. No, it’s not to smoking. It’s not even to something like chocolate or caffeine.

I am officially addicted to facials at Spa la Vie.