Spa la Vie: High Quality and Chemical Free

Spa la Vie: High Quality and Chemical Free

“Your escape is waiting.” Walking into Spa la Vie is like walking into a atmosphere of purity and natural wellness.

Owner Danielle Todd takes great care in hand choosing every product her staff uses during a client’s customized experience at Spa la Vie. She not only strives to carry family-owned businesses and chemical-free products, she also researches and is educated on the highest quality products.

Here is a sneak peek of some of their products:

8e734da9c1d58dd2767822e64eee1f1b72a3bdedSalt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth is based out of Utah and specializes in small batches of their products, made fresh for each spa they serve. With 30 scents to choose from, Spa la Vie chooses anywhere from four to six scents per season to customize their client’s experience.

Spa la Vie uses glass dropper bottles of perfected scents from Salt of the Earth, and adds a couple drops at a time into a basic mask and lotion recipe to add a wonderful fragrance for each client to delight in.

Zoya_Nail_Polish__Blu_454Zoya Nail Polish

Spa la Vie is one of the only salons in Lancaster who uses Zoya Nail Polish. The name of this polish comes from its creator, Zoya Reyzis, a classical pianist from Russia. Her dedication to creating an “as chemical-free as possible” nail polish was made possible with her husband, Michael, a chemist. They now are infamous for their “five free” nail color. “Five free” means the nail polish is free from formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalates, and camphor, which are all very damaging to your nails and skin.

“It’s five free, but it’s a really good polish,” says Nia Hammond, who specializes in manicures, pedicures, and intricate nail art at Spa la Vie. “It lasts, and even just one coat has great coverage and pigment. The colors are all true color. When applied, they look just as they do in the bottle.”

And trust me, you have to see these colors in real life. Even the greens are gorgeous.

spa-locatorYon-Ka Paris

Danielle Todd, owner of Spa la Vie, absolutely adores the Yon-Ka Paris brand. It is important for her to use this brand in her spa because it is family-owned, and recently celebrated its 60th anniversary as a business.

Danielle’s favorite Yon-Ka Paris product is their Eau Micellaire. Falling in line with the recent trend of “waterless cleansers” (that is, cleansers which require no water to lather and/or rinse off, but rather require a simple application and wipe-off.

“The micellar water actually soaks up the debris, the oils, and everything else from your makeup without drying out your skin,” Danielle explains. “You just apply it and wipe it off.” In a single swipe, the product gently captures impurities and makeup from your face, eyes, and lips, with no rinsing required. This is perfect for sensitive skin and eyes.

1425513022493-5-1Billion Dollar Brows

Spa la Vie uses the top notch brow kit, Billon Dollar Brows. The company was developed in Beverly Hills, and Danielle likes using their products due to their education behind perfecting the ultimate brow. They even have excellent reviews online regarding their homecare kits, which Spa la Vie is able to offer their clients.

Spa la Vie’s Leah Godfrey (an aesthetician specializing in facials, waxing, spray tanning, and makeup art) would love to get her hands on your eyebrows! She is very passionate about creating the perfect brow for her clients.


When it comes to lashes, Spa la Vie uses NovaLash. NovaLash is the only one of its kind, as it is both oil-proof and waterproof. Danielle is licensed with NovaLash and was trained by Sophia Navarro herself, the woman who wrote the textbook on how to apply last extensions. The NovaLash company also created the licensing program and standards in Texas.

NovaLash holds two times longer than the competing eyelash extension brands, due to is oil-proof and waterproof nature and the use of NovaLash Platinum Bond adhesive. The pigmentation also dries a deep, glossy black color unlike its competitors.

Daily Conceptsspatogo-600x600

Have you ever wondered when you should replace your bath sponge? Daily Concepts, which Danielle found through Instagram (@DailyConcepts), has the ideal solution to this. Their stretch washcloths, which are sold at Spa la Vie, are held in a bag which attaches to your shower wall. As noted on the package, when the text starts to fade, it’s time to change your cloth to a new one! How cool is that?

Test out your favorite new product today!

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