This Summer’s 7 Most Wanted

This Summer’s 7 Most Wanted

— From the pages of FLL#30 • Written by Chad Diller

Tomlinson Bomberger Lawn Care, Landscape, & Pest Control is offering a reward for information leading to the apprehension of this summer’s 7 Most Wanted Pests. Protect your family, guests, and property by helping Tomlinson Bomberger catch these wanted terrorists. Rewards offered are beautiful landscapes and a worryfree environment.

TomlinsonBomberger_fll30_interior11. Deer Tick: This blood-sucking pest is wanted for its involvement in hazards to public health by spreading of the infectious Lyme disease throughout Central PA. It was last spotted in tall grasses, wooded areas, and on landscape plants last summer. Our sources conclude that this fugitive has regularly returned to the scene of the crime each year from April through September. It goes by the aliases of “Bear Tick” or “Black-Legged Tick” and is considered highly dangerous. Use extreme caution in areas where ticks are active and consult with a pest control professional to apply treatments outdoors for tick control.

2. Hemlock Woolly Adelgid: This pest is being sought for its killing rampage of Canadian hemlock trees over the past several decades. Once confined to a lengthy sentence in Pennsylvania’s forests, this fugitive has escaped and fled to residential and commercial landscapes. Suspect wears a thick cottony coat and is a master of evading authorities by hiding on undersides of Hemlock stems. Apprehension of this assailant needs to be performed in a cooperative effort of tree care service agencies.

3. Stinging Insects: These hostile and aggressive pests were indicted many years ago for their involvement of leading gangs in picnic terrorism and possession of wall voids and basements. They enjoy frequenting favorite summertime parties and have even been known to participate in occasional home invasions. They go by the aliases “Yellowjackets”, “Wasps”, and “Hornets”. Suspects are considered armed and dangerous. If you see this assailant, flee to a safe location and contact your local pest control professional.

TomlinsonBomberger_fll30_interior24. Japanese Beetle: This perpetrator is wanted for beating and destroying thousands of rose bushes, birch trees, and scores of other innocent bystanders. Suspect was last seen gorging itself on a prize crape myrtle in Lancaster, PA, in midsummer of last year. This assailant is alleged to have faked its own death, but intelligence sources indicate this is a regular diversion tactic used only to return later. It has been consistently identified as wearing copper overcoat, an iridescent green shirt, and white spotted tattoos around its midsection. Do not attempt to apprehend this suspect with beetle bag traps. Contact your local tree care service.

5. Mosquitoes: These parasites are wanted for inflicting irritating bites and also connected to the spread of West Nile virus within the Central Pennsylvania area. They are 1/8”-3/4” in height, brown or black in color, and have pale-banded tattoos around their legs. Victims encountering this perpetrator have been known in some cases to develop headaches, joint pain, fatigue, and neurological disorders. Mosquitoes have been frequently spotted near areas of aquatic recreation, but these criminals have been spotted virtually everywhere in summer months. Use extreme caution, wear layered clothing, and apply repellants. Consult with your local pest control professional for spraying for reduction in landscape areas that harbor these fugitives.

6. Bagworms: These suspects are wanted for their participation in a multi-billion dollar scheme to reduce property values by the destruction of evergreen trees and shrubs. They frequently attempt to disguise themselves as parts of their victim, building a cone-shaped bag constructed of evergreen needles and silk, which they spin to hold their bags together. Assailants were last seen in August of last year clinging to a Leyland Cypress tree in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

TomlinsonBomberger_fll30_interior37. Ants: This alleged cult is wanted for its gang of thousands of members operating a collaborative food theft ring. They have an intricate, underground network of distribution of stolen goods. Cult members are said to have six legs and are black or brown in color. Reports indicate they often travel in groups, following distinct smuggling routes from food distribution facilities to cult safe houses. Do-it-yourself apprehensive methods are frequently ineffective, so consult with a professional pest control service if you encounter this complex crime syndicate.

Tomlinson Bomberger has specialized teams trained, equipped, and ready for apprehending these dangerous fugitives. If you have tips leading to the capture, control, and extermination of these services please give us a call at 717-399-1991 so that we may propose services that may help you seek your reward of a beautiful landscape and worry-free environment.

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