Behind-the-Scenes at sweetFrog with Manager Hannah Good

Behind-the-Scenes at sweetFrog with Manager Hannah Good

Very early one Sunday morning the FLL team gathered together with fabulous wardrobes from TMB, Festoon, Pappagallo, Filling’s, and jewelry from Collage. The photo shoot went off without a hitch and we caught up with sweetFrog manager Hannah Good to ask her a few questions about her fantastic frozen yogurt.

FLL: Tell readers what sweetFrog is all about?

Hannah Good (HG): SweetFrog is all about giving guests a great frozen yogurt experience through delicious creations, uplifting atmosphere, and excellent service.

FLL: What is your favorite frozen yogurt flavor? Toppings?

HG: My personal favorite would have to be the lemon flavor and my favorite toppings are all chocolate.

FLL: What’s the best thing about summertime at sweetFrog?

HG: It’s great to see all of the families that come together at sweetFrog and it’s always nice to see business pick up.

FLL: Did you grow up in Lancaster?

HG: Yes, born and raised!

1655 Lititz Pike, Lancaster PA
(717) 490-6043