The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1

The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1

The invention of the iPhone, the iPad and all the applications in between is an incredible technological feat. I remember friends (who were much more technologically advanced than myself, as I simply texted and made calls with my flip-phone) focusing particularly on musical apps. With one app, you could blow into the speaker like a flute and a fairyland melody resulted. Then actual iPhone bands started, everyone playing a different “instrument” on a tiny screen.


Fine Living Lancaster magazine would like to introduce to you the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1, a long 24″ x 4″ plastic device that you can hold on your lap to play like a piano or strum in your lap like a guitar. It comes with two speakers, different “modes” or instruments, a bridge (for strumming, picking, tapping, etc.), 6 digital “strings” and 12 “frets,” a rechargeable battery, and even a power input. In order to customize your Artiphon, an application will be made available. “Want to strum a piano? Bow a banjo? Pluck a drum? Done.”


Presented in three different colors, the Artiphon starts at just $349 on KickStarter. Get ready for hours of endless entertainment! The instrument proves to be great for all ages, whether someone is experienced or has no experience playing an instrument.

You can see more detail (and even a sample video) at

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