The Good Time Luxury Car Guys 

The Good Time Luxury Car Guys 

IMG_3055IMG_3048Relax! Suits, ties, worries, and game playing are not found here. There is no need to stress when buying a used car. The low-key professionals at Manheim Imports will take care of you and treat you the way you want to be treated.

For over 38 years, President and Owner Mark Kreider has been buying and selling used luxury vehicles. His fun-loving, easy-going team of skilled professionals work on the retail, wholesale, service, and detailing end of pre-owned luxury cars.


ManheimImports02As Manager Jeff Ludwig says, “We are serious about cars and taking care of our customers, but not serious about ourselves.” Evidence of this fun-loving side is evidenced in Jeff’s silly pic on their website (Trying to find him? He’s the one in the prank glasses.).

He shares that he just wants his customers to be happy. The majority of their business is repeat business and referrals from friends and family. “People trust us because we present a comfort level that breaks down those brick walls. There is no high pressure, ever,” Jeff continues. He and his team always, “put their best foot forward.”


Jeff tells me the story of a customer that has dealt with Manheim Imports for so long and so often that he came in, test drove a few cars, picked one, and left within 30 minutes – new car in hand. That’s trust!


IMG_3066Manheim Imports can help you find your pre-owned luxury vehicle and service your car. They will treat you so well that next time you need a car, they’ll be the ones you think of first. Everything they do, they do at the pace you feel comfortable with – in and out in 30 minutes or more slowly, over a period of time, allowing you to research and ask questions. Your pace, your time, your comfort level, no stress, no muss, no fuss, and a whole lot of humor.

Buying a car shouldn’t be stressful. It should be a joyous, exciting occasion! Manheim Imports gets that, and with a smile and can do attitude.

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