The Great Social Enterprise Pitch 2016

The Great Social Enterprise Pitch 2016

On Wednesday, August 24, a group of nine local business entrepreneurs launched their social enterprise to the community through a project called The Great Social Enterprise Pitch. Their crowdfunding kickoff party was held at Zoetropolis with an anticipated guest list of 100 people. However, much to their pleasant surprise, over 200 friends, family members, loved ones, and community members attended.


FLL sat down with Timbrel Chyatee, who you may recognize from a previous Lunch story and is also featured in the Up and Coming feature in our current Issue 39. Timbrel owns Lush Bazaar, a culturally connective fashion line which benefits women in India and will soon benefit women in Lancaster as well.


Along with Lush Bazaar, the following companies have joined forces to create a powerful social enterprise in our town: SOBERBARS, Bench Mark B-Fit, BootCamp900, Sophie Stargazer, Melanin Essentials, 5 Loaves Food Company, Ebenezer Wholistic Foods, and WIN Workplace Solutions: The Corner Office.

During their kickoff party, guests were able to watch each business’s pitch video, which lasted one-and-a-half minutes each and were blasted onto the big screen at Zoetropolis. The Lancaster Community Foundation also helped make this event possible.

Timbrel’s fashion line, Lush Bazaar, made a huge debut at the party. “At first, it was in my heart to help the women in India. But my heart is also in Lancaster, and I want to help connect women here, too. Women empowerment and connecting women is something I am so proud of supporting. With my Indian background, it’s a huge deal to me.” Timbrel’s business plans connects these women in two places. She educated FLL on the vast gender inequality wage gap as well. “There are 118,000 single mothers in Lancaster county. Imagine how much they’re struggling to just give their children a fair life, a good life,” she says with sincerity.

In addition to connecting these women and giving them a purpose, she also wants Lush Bazaar to be used as a platform for women to know they deserve to be treated fairly at work and everywhere else. “We want to give these stories to our customers. With a piece from Lush Bazaar, you’ll have a story in your closet and you’ll be wearing beautiful products.”


Timbrel’s idea goal is to start a traveling fashion truck. “Lancaster is so great in so many ways,” she explains. “But, we need to treat our women fairly… Better than fairly! They’re raising your children; They’re raising the next generation.”

Visit INDIEGOGO to learn more about The Great Social Enterprise Pitch.