The Pajamas of Park City

The Pajamas of Park City

Slippers— Originally published in FLL#36

I can’t think of anything better on a cold, blustery evening than snuggling at home on the sofa with a warm blanket, the T.V. remote, a nice hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows cheerfully bobbing about, and wearing my most comfortable pair of cozy pajamas. Everyone should have a nice pair of PJs, so if you are lacking in the pajama area, it’s time to visit the climate-controlled halls of Park City Center in Lancaster for a nice pair of jammies. Here are some dreamy finds for you to sleep on.

Ladies, when you’re ready to ditch the white socks and tired, faded nightgown, it’s time to visit Soma. Their pajamas are like nothing you’ve ever worn before. Soft and silky, yet warm and cozy, I couldn’t pick just one pair. So, I’m featuring two luscious, gorgeous examples of what sleeping in luxury looks like. Both boast incredibly detailed patterns in wine, pink, green, and purple. A small v-neck in the pajama top keeps you comfortable, while the cut of the fabric in the pajama bottom will make you feel like a queen. While you’re there, grab a pair of their sumptuous slippers which are sure to give you happy, warm feet!

This Laura Ashley “Scotty” cotton/ flannel ladies pajama set is just the thing for your evening fireside snuggle or a long morning lie-in. With a cute turned down Scottish plaid lapel, a functional breast pocket which sports a cute red ribbon, and flowing floor-length pants that will keep your legs warm on those cold nights, this set is guaranteed to ward off any chills and shivers Old Man Winter may be blowing your way!

It’s nice to know that everyone can find something at Victoria’s Secret. I thought these classy cotton pajama sets were the perfect answer for the woman who loves the style of the store, but who prefers a more conservative approach to nightwear. This chic blue and white striped cotton ensemble with a monogrammed breast pocket fits the bill for those chilly evenings at home. It will be hard to stay awake after donning these relaxing pajamas; especially after placing their lovely matching sleep mask over your eyes!

Believe it or not, men love pajamas, too. And this sharp-looking, hugely comfortable pair of PJs from John Bartlett will convince any man he’s been wearing those jogging pants and t-shirts for far too long! The multishaded gray, soft brushed flannel top is long sleeved and casual. The roomy black, gray, and red plaid bottoms you simply must feel to experience. They are about as soft and comfortable as a pair of PJ bottoms can get. Men, don’t be surprised if your significant other keeps borrowing them. You may need to purchase more than one pair!

Sleepovers never go out of style and neither do footed pajamas! You’ll find this delightful selection of adorable hooded “footies” for young girls at Justice. Whether you choose the sky blue flannel with cool black and white oversized polka dots, or the medium gray flannels with light gray and hot pink hearts, you’ll be receiving lots of hugs and smiles for this purchase. Now bring on the sleepover guests, games, food, and cozy jammies!