The Story Behind the Design of The Innovator Award

The Story Behind the Design of The Innovator Award

Feature by Brianna Wiest | Photo by Will Marks

This year, a host of recipients were awarded the second annual Fine Living Lancaster “Innovator Award.” Distinguished by their ability to manifest an idea from its inception, they are the individuals we want to applaud for moving our community—and our world—forward.

The premise of this year’s award was to highlight the individuals in Lancaster who are pushing boundaries in their respective fields. The ones who think boldly outside the box, disregard the status quo, and are fearless in the face of adversity. The “troublemakers,” as we’d call them.

It was this bridging of the tangible and intangible that inspired the design of the award itself. Cast with a bronze body and a black marble base, it features a suspended LED-powered light bulb and a mechanical gear. Designer Mark Dennis, a local sculptor who created the piece, says the two features were intended to symbolize ideas coming into reality. True to theme, the light bulb does actually turn on, and comes with a replacement battery capsule.

“It’s not always something tangible,” Mark says of the common thread between the recipients. “It’s a something that’s brought to reality—it’s a financial concept, it’s a service to people, and sometimes it is something physical, like producing tables and chairs.” He went on to explain that through his 30-some hours of work designing and re-working the reward, he was able to shed light (pun intended) on what being an “innovator” really means.

“We tried to combine the tangible and the intangible,” he concluded, illustrating exactly what being an “innovator” is really all about.