The Verde Maria: Horse Inn’s Take on a Bloody Mary

The Verde Maria: Horse Inn’s Take on a Bloody Mary

I got the chance last night to taste the Horse Inn’s take on a Bloody Mary. Bar manager Benjamin Hash gave me the lowdown on the cocktail. The Verde Maria (like a Bloody Mary, but…. green) is made with all fresh, all raw ingredients.

Verde Maria:
Corralejo tequila + raw tomatillos + pineapple + cilantro + jalepeno + lime juice

The fruit and herbs are blended into a juice that comes out gorgeously green. It is served on the rocks with a dehydrated lime and flaky cypress salt. The lime serves as a vessel for the salt! (I dunked mine right in.) This is one of the freshest tasting cocktails I’ve ever had. Spring is among us!

Side note: this cocktail is for Bloody Mary fans, and not for someone with a sweet tooth.

Horse Inn
540 East Fulton Street, Lancaster PA
(717) 392-5528

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