They’re Definitely Doing it Right

They’re Definitely Doing it Right

— From the pages of FLL#35 • Photo by Will Marks

Clockwise, starting from top left:
Jordan Capizzi (vocals), Doug Hynes (guitar), Aaron Binder (guitar), Sean Burke (drums)
Not Pictured: Rob Nye (bass), John Spurlock (keys)

If you have not yet heard of Lancaster-based indie rock band Ton-Taun, count this as your inside scoop. Their fourth full-length album, You’re Not Doing it Right, was released in August, and it’s the band’s best work to date.

Longtime fans of the band will notice a new strength in their music, as the album is marked by catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and talented instrumentation. With a new six-man lineup, Ton-Taun is creating fuller and more complex tunes than ever before. Throughout the 15-month process of creating their new album, these guys have come to a place musically that seems like they are all simultaneously at ease in their music, yet still creating something fresh and exciting.

“Creatively, I think the sky’s the limit for this band,” said Jordan Capizzi, the band’s lead vocalist. “We’ve settled into a place where the lineup, for the first time in a long time—maybe ever— feels like it’s set. We talk a lot about writing more collaboratively, and we have been experimenting with writing instrumental pieces as a group in practice between running sets.”

Stand outs on the 18-track album include “Neil,” “Jeff Tweedy,” and “Lucky Guy.” The songs are marked by smart lyrics, and perfectly show off Capizzi’s low, gravelly voice. Capizzi is a storyteller; there’s almost something conspiratorial in listening to him sing, like he is bringing you along with him on some grand adventure. And, Ton- Taun was definitely onto something bringing in guest vocalist Kate Seifarth (also a member of local band, The Clergy) to work on the record with them—her harmonies are a gorgeous accompaniment. Along with the mentorship and expertise of Bobby Gentilo—the band’s producer at Right Coast Recording in Columbia—Ton- Taun has created something really special on this new work.

The collaborative songwriting process on You’re Not Doing it Right allowed for an album that truly shows off the strengths of each band member, for sure. “For this record, the song outline primarily came from Doug (Hynes on guitar), Aaron (Binder on guitar), and myself,” Capizzi says. “But, the arranging is completely collaborative. We all weigh each other’s ideas equally, and, in my mind, the baseline, drumbeat, or keyboard melody is just as important to a song as the lyrics or chord progressions.”

The band’s live shows are equally as entertaining, as the guys laugh about inside jokes between songs, remembering always to bring the audience in on the fun. Maybe that’s the magic of Ton-Taun—not only is this band wonderfully talented musically, they also have that charmed ability to bring every listener in, hooking them with the music and the band members’ affable personalities. It’s clear that Ton- Taun is a band made up of six good friends who also happen to be super talented musicians, and all they want is to include you in their good times.

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