Think Pink

Think Pink

— From the pages of FLL Issue #12 • Written by Deb Geist / Photo by David Schrott

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“When you learn… teach.”[/pullquote]

This is a wonderful quote by Maya Angelou that can apply to so many things in our lives – including periods of adversity. Many of us know what it is to struggle. And yet, that same challenging life event – whether witnessed from afar or experienced up close – can inspire us to strike out and build organizations and businesses to help other people weather the storm; perhaps even the very same storm that we have personally experienced. That passion to help others make it through and thrive becomes the major focus of our life.

279661_247212515292457_2740322_oWhen I met Linda Fisher, the founder of Wings of Angels, this passion was evident to me as soon as we started talking. Linda is a breast cancer survivor. Though she weathered her own personal storm of this deadly disease, she was not unscathed. During the course of her illness, she encountered so many difficulties that went unaddressed and unexplained that she was compelled to start a business to help other women going through these same challenges.

204798_214769118536797_1617053_oLinda told me her story in a very quiet and determined way; her fervent desire to reach other women and help them deal with their breast cancer diagnosis evident during our time together. She wants to help women fill in the blanks after their diagnoses, to be there for women where she personally felt the black abyss of information. Linda explained to me that when you are first diagnosed, your thoughts are only “I have cancer. Am I going to be the one who survives or am I going to be the one who dies?” You don’t have time to do research and think about the process or your options. In the blink of an eye, you are in surgery, and then on your way home.

170677_194032683943774_5089349_oDevoted to helping women navigate the journey back to health, Linda’s company focuses on easing the transition from surgery to home. Her personal experience was that she had little to no information as to what to do and how to make her recovery the most comfortable. Linda’s company, Wings of Angels, creates baskets full of loads of things that will make you more comfortable and help your physical healing, as well as many things that will help heal your mind and soul. Her website offers a multitude of gifts that you can purchase for a recovering patient to be delivered upon return from the hospital. Linda feels it is now her mission in life now to reach women going through surgery from breast cancer and give them all the comfort that they need and deserve. It is an admirable goal and one that is filled with passion, determination, and hope.

134698_187356641278045_4240659_oLinda embodies the essence of “When you learn… teach.” Using her own personal struggle as fuel for the fire, Linda’s passion for providing comfort other survivors certainly burns brightly. And any woman going through the struggle of breast cancer will be thankful that she has made this her mission. You can reach Linda at Wings of Angels by calling (717) 380-0008, emailing, visiting her website: … or connect with Linda’s pages on Facebook & Pinterest.