Thinking Spring In February

Thinking Spring In February

Frosted car windows in the early morning, the perpetual feeling of being in an icebox, and the painful sting of the bitter cold air hitting your face… It’s winter. You look out your window and see your empty backyard. Chairs have been stored away for the winter, the pool is covered, and your patio is bare. As you look at your dismal backyard, you have visions of the beautiful oasis it will be in spring.

You imagine a beautiful waterfall cascading through carefully placed rocks, flowing into a pond of koi fish. A gorgeous bed of flowers surrounding your furnished patio, and your garden freshly mulched. Planning for this beautiful outdoor haven isn’t as far of a reach as you think. Our friends at Indian Run Landscaping have a few tips on how you can think spring in February.

What do we mean by thinking spring in February? We mean that if you want a project to be done by the time spring rolls around, you should start your planning in winter rather than waiting until spring arrives.

Why? Depending on the scale of the project, it can take several face-to-face meetings, rounds of designing and editing, and weeks of preparation before even implementing the project. Not all projects require so many steps, but even small projects can be time-consuming when you have10 different projects at once. Indian Run, without fail, will complete each project in the most efficient way possible, but will always take the time to build a connection with each of their clients.

When clients are struggling to find inspiration, Indian Run’s experienced designers will work with them to discover the vision that just needed a little help surfacing. They know what they’re doing when it comes to improving properties, and have done some amazing things with the spaces they’ve built. As for the all the DIY homeowners out there, Indian Run will help you, even if all you need is a design.

Here are some of their tips to help you think spring in January: 

  1. Write out your ideas now. Come up with as complete of an idea as you can of what you want your project to be.
  2. Have a budget in mind, even if it’s not specific.
  3. Have an idea of when you would like the project to be completed, if not a specific date.
  4. Schedule your first meeting with Indian Run on their website as soon as possible.
  5. Be clear with your intentions for the project –Whether you’re just looking for ideas of what your space could look like in the future, want an estimate, or want to carry out a full project.

Indian Run strives to serve each client with integrity, quality, and value no matter their needs. Spring is always closer than you think, start planning your outdoor oasis while the coldness of winter forces you to stay indoors!