TJ Griffin – 2017 Innovator

TJ Griffin – 2017 Innovator

Feature and Banner Photo by Will Marks

“I was taught, through my culture and upbringing, to not trust police,” TJ Griffin says of his young adulthood. He calls this, simply, “misinformation.” Today, his passion rests in bridging that very divide with The Vision Program which aims to use Hip Hop to connect young people with local law enforcement. A former rapper, TJ aims to use his connections in the music industry alongside his team to dispel the tension that is disrupting what’s most essential to a thriving community. In 2012, he created the project in hopes of sharing his palpable enthusiasm. TJ believes that peace is found in cooperation, not reservation. “I believe that with my credibility in the music industry, helps me to make that connection with young people,” he said. TJ continues his mission through public speaking and direct encounter seminars.

The Vision Program

1509 Mission Road

Lancaster, PA 17601

(717) 587-2923