Tour de Pink: Corey and Chanay Fogarty

Tour de Pink: Corey and Chanay Fogarty

image1From September 16 to 18 of this year, bikers (both professional and amateur) will participate in a three-day bike ride along the East coast which raises money for young women with breast cancer. Charity biker Chanay Fogarty explains, “This fundraiser supports people from diagnosis until the end, including their families, missed income, and nurse navigators who find oncologists for the young women.” Chanay and her husband, Corey (owner of Federal Taphouse Lancaster), will be participating as bikers in this incredible charity event.

The charity is for the Young Survival Coalition, and includes a 250 mile trek on wheels. Each rider must raise $2,500 from now until September 16. If they don’t raise the total amount, they write a check for the difference. The charity was founded by three young female survivors under the age of 35 who were discouraged by the lack of resources available.


Our local Lancaster team is called Team Clydesdale. Doctor Mike Younes and Greg Orth are the team captains, and this is the second year for Corey and Chanay to be riding together. Newly diagnosed individuals and survivors will be riding alongside them. “Some of these people, although sick, ride better than we do! It’s so encouraging,” Chanay says enthusiastically.

IMG_0296Team Clydesdale will  travel 100 miles the first day, starting in Bucks County. The next day, riders wake up at 4 a.m. and travel another 100 challenging miles. The last leg of the trip is completed on the third day, with the end point being Cape May. The West coast is also participating in this incredible adventure.

What a wonderful and unique charity event supported by Lancaster locals! “We are looking for more riders!” Corey says. Donations are needed by our local team, as well.

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