Local Kickstarter Project: Unicorn and Zombie Stuffed Scarves

Local Kickstarter Project: Unicorn and Zombie Stuffed Scarves

Former PA College of Art and Design attendee, Jordan Martin, and his Fun to 11 Team have created fun scarves with a twist for anyone who has a great sense of humor and loves unicorns or zombies: unicorn poop and zombie entrails scarves!


My first question was, how on earth did this all start?

Jordan Martin is known for his incredible caricature drawings which he does on the side (as well as gorgeous, animated illustrations). “One day,” he explains, “as I was sitting at the caricature stand, I looked over at a game with stuffed unicorns hanging all over it and it just kind of hit me.” He brought the idea to his co-worker, Luke, and he the spark was lit. The rest is history.

The Fun to 11 team originally set out to make $24,500 on Kickstarter over the course of just one month.  However, they ended up exceeding their goal with a total of $30,608 in such a short period of time. “Plus, we opened up pre-orders,” Jordan explains. And the orders keep on flowing in.

Because Jordan’s job is focused on creating tabletop games, the 3-D plush elements of this brand new idea were a little out of his realm of expertise. Fun to 11 called their friends at ArtOrder, a company who works on projects for Think Geek, Microsoft, and more. “They helped turn my drawings into beautiful prototypes,” Jordan says. The toughest part was making sure the “scarves” (poop/entrails) fit inside the plushies. Seeing people’s reactions to their creative efforts, however, has been the most rewarding aspect of the entire project.

“I just can’t wait to lay in a pile of them,” Jordan says. “That’s what I really can’t wait for.”