Urban Beauty

Urban Beauty

Originally published in FLL#36
Photos: Bianca Cordova
Models: Jessica Todd, Jeffrey Petersheim & Jasmine Krabill
Fashions: Pappagallo & Filling’s

ub2My absolute favorite thing about planning fashion shoots is finding a delicate balance of visually interesting locations, and mixing them with high-end wears and exciting people. It is far from being a new concept in the art world to discover beauty within decay. Grungy scenery, such as abandoned buildings, broken down cars, and tattered, rust-covered signs have long been the subject of many photography series and sculptural gallery shows. Our city is not completely shiny and new, but that is what makes Lancaster interesting.

Walking down one street, workers put the finishing touches on a building offering 1,900 square feet condos. Take a stroll down the next, and you will likely step over broken glass or see a plethora of discarded shopping carts, tires, and bottles. If you take the time to appreciate the urban decay, you just may find something beautiful about the way in which a tiny weed has grown through the crack in a crumbling sidewalk or the brightly colored graffiti on the side of a boarded-up building.


This shoot was meant to blend the industrial fall of a city with the ever-revolving change of fashion from season to season. Each model works in the food service industry and was intentionally chosen to represent our county with their fresh, friendly faces. I hope you enjoy this photographic journey as much as we enjoyed creating it. Take a deep breath and remember, beauty is everywhere you turn.

Check out more photos from this shoot in FLL Issue #36, pages 52-59

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