Vacation Whenever You Want

Vacation Whenever You Want

TomlinsonBomberger_fll25_interior— From the pages of FLL#25 • Written by Chad Diller

Who doesn’t love a great vacation? We work hard and we deserve and need a break once in a while. Vacationing provides a time to step back from the demands of everyday life and give us the recreation and relaxation that keeps us sane and makes us mentally and emotionally healthy people. We love vacations so much that we often find ourselves sighing toward their end wishing they wouldn’t end. We go back to the everyday grind carrying the happy memories we created from our vacation. Those memories can be worth it, but sometimes it may seem we spend thousands of dollars for a week of memories, only to experience them again in our mind and by looking through photo albums. Sure, they’re worth it, but wouldn’t it be great if you could pay for a vacation once and enjoy it anytime you want for years to come? How is that even possible?

Consider what you spend on vacationing. I’m not suggesting vacations are bad decisions or not needed. After all, there’s no substitute for a week of sun on a beautiful beach, nor a replacement for an extended weekend in the mountains. However, consider what you could do with these financial investments to reap a regular, daily return whenever you want it. I’m talking about spending all those thousands of dollars on creating the ultimate retreat right outside your back door.

Imagine stepping outside to relax or entertain anytime you choose. It could be as simple as sitting in a comfortable chair and reading a book, or sipping your favorite beverage, while enjoying the serene, natural beauty around you. Or your backyard oasis could be used to host functions both small and large. Get-togethers with family and friends, your children spending time with their friends within your supervised view, cookouts, eating lunch together, a giant party, your children or friends getting married right outside of your windows. You won’t have to find the photo album to take that trip down memory lane. Those memories are right there every time you walk outside or peer out a window. They never leave, and you can create new memories whenever you want.

What do those memories look like? What mental pictures of their setting are popping in your head? Maybe it proves to be difficult to visualize this, so let me help you. Imagine the living spaces of the inside of your home expanded out to your backyard. Imagine an outdoor kitchen surrounded by comfortable seating with people laughing, talking, and smiling. Picture a beautiful patio with walls to sit on or stairs cascading, leading into additional outdoor rooms. There’s a path leading to a sitting area, hot tub, swimming pool, fire pit or another garden area.

Was your mental picture during the day? If so, flip the light switch in your mind, or perhaps the soothing glow of that fire pit can do so. A beautifully landscaped backyard can be enjoyed 24 hours a day with the proper lighting. Trees standing in the dark now become artistic focal points. Paths are safely lit. Calm overall lighting creates a relaxing environment to share with your guests or to enjoy the peace of the night by yourself.

Look beyond your immediate surroundings. Plants accent these outdoor spaces. They provide pleasing aromas, and vibrant or soothing colors with variations of textures and styles. They provide beauty and privacy. The right plants bring even more nature into your retreat with birds singing their sweet songs and gracious butterflies visiting beautiful flowers. It’s almost like a scene out of “Snow White”! By now your imagination is bound to be running wild.

How does this dream come true? Does it seem too complicated or expensive? Obviously budget can be a limitation. Are your dreams bigger than your wallets? Remember it doesn’t all have to happen at once. These aspects of your retreat can unfold in stages or there may be compromises to still give you the oasis on a smaller scale. There are plenty of options. There are plenty of solutions. But how do you get there?

Find someone who can turn your dreams into a reality. Find an award-winning landscape company that has successfully transformed dreams into realities for decades. Meet their designers and discover how they can help you invest your hard-earned money into not only creating this retreat of your dreams, but to enhance the existing beauty of your home, and to add to its value. That’s how a dream comes true.

Here at Tomlinson Bomberger Lawn Care, Landscape, & Pest Control, we are all about dream fulfillment. We love the transformations. We love the smiles of homeowners who see their property like never before. We welcome the opportunities. We’d love you to open your eyes from your dream and see us ready to help you make it a reality. We’d love the outside of your home to flood you with great memories every time you look at it. We’d love to help make your backyard your favorite place to visit in this whole, wide world.

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