Warfel Construction Makes a Difference

Warfel Construction Makes a Difference

“Clients for Life” is the mission statement of Warfel Construction. You’ll see signs for Warfel everywhere, as they have made a lasting impression along the East Coast for over a century. Impressively, Warfel Construction has survived the Great Depression and even World War II, with a deep commitment to honesty, integrity, and fairness.

Luke Peterson, Project Engineer at Warfel Construction, majored in civil engineering at Bucknell University. “As a senior,” Luke explains, “one of my professors told me there was an opportunity to work with Warfel Construction on a new dormitory project on campus.” The job was being offered as an internship which Luke found a bit disheartening, as most of his colleagues were landing full-time jobs during their senior year. However, Luke felt that the opportunity to work within his passion directly on his college campus far outweighed his other options. As it turned out, halfway through the project Luke was offered a full-time position at the company.

“Looking back, I realized that while I originally joined Warfel because of the opportunity to work on a project at my alma mater, I ended up staying on full time because of the people and atmosphere found at Warfel Construction. Construction can often be a very stressful and demanding job. What makes working at Warfel so great is that if one person is having a bad day, the rest of the team is not only ready and willing to step up to the plate to help get the project done, but is also there to support the person who is struggling. It’s almost like we are one big family looking out for each other, which is important to me,” Luke describes.

After finishing construction of the new dorms at Bucknell University, Luke moved to Lancaster and now works out of Warfel’s main office located in East Petersburg. Currently, Luke is wrapping up two major projects (the addition of a science lab at a school in Kennett Square, and a family center at Lancaster General Hospital). Each project has taken about ten months to complete.

Warfel Construction is very involved in the local community. In their effort to Impact Lancaster (a movement created by the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce), they have started a Pay It Forward campaign. In short, they are influencing other companies to do something with a positive impact for others. From June 13 to June 30, companies such as Spooky Nook Sports and the Philadelphia Hoagie Company will be donating a certain percentage of a designated days’ profits to a local charity. There will be a ceremony at the end where Warfel presents the checks to three charities: Water Street Mission, Lancaster Habitat for Humanity, and Clare House.

Here is a schedule of the designated charity days for each company involved: