Why We Need…

Why We Need…

wwn_robbigley_headshot_sketch2Rob Bigley – Candidate for State Representative in the 96th District


If we are to curtail the ongoing polarization of our society, we must elect leaders who are brave enough to work together for the common good. The time has come to replace party politics with collaborative leadership. It is no longer sufficient to squat behind ideological barriers while tossing insults and insinuations at our perceived political enemies. Governance happens best when our best ideas win. This is only achievable if we listen to each other and learn from each other. Positive change is possible if we are committed to working together.



Keli Celot – Candidate for the Manheim Township School Board


Statistically speaking, we know women comprise a slight majority of the overall population, making up 58 percent of all college graduates. We’ve watched women break the glass ceiling in business, holding powerful positions at Fortune 500 companies, and having a greater presence in small business ownership. Women have made amazing progress in earning power, closing the wage gap, and gaining economic parity.

The reality is that women have different life experiences from men, and different experiences bring unique points of view. Women have firsthand knowledge of the economic challenges and social issues facing working families today. Women make many of the day-to-day decisions for families, from healthcare to childcare. We need those perspectives in our government, just as much as we need them in business, law, and medicine. We need them as role models for the next generation, so that when our daughters say they aspire to run the world, we have examples to show them that they absolutely can do anything they want to do.

As the 2016 presidential election nears, many have strong ideas on what Americans need in government. FLL caught up with a few fellow Lancastrians who were eager to offer their views.

wwn_markvergenes_headshot_sketchMark Vergenes – President of MIRUS Financial Partners


Let me be direct and to the point: jobs, economic growth, foreign policy, immigration, and safety. We cannot afford another four years of the Obama administration. This is the only president not to see 3% GDP growth during his eight years. The workforce participation rate is at its lowest point in those eight years. In foreign policy, the line in the sand, the restart button with Russia, the continuing conflicts with Iraq and Afghanistan; our foreign policy that used to be one of our strongest advantages has become one of our weakest. We are not respected or feared by our enemies (such as ISIS). Regarding immigration, not only do we need a policy in place, we also need one that is enforced by the Federal Government instead of using it as a political football. Finally, we need safety for our citizens here and abroad. In conclusion, some have said to me that it’s “better to go with the devil you know” principle. Clinton gives you four more years of Obama… We cannot afford another four years, and that is why I’m voting for Trump.


wwn_paulhentz_headshot_sketchPaul Hentz – Lancaster Co. Democratic Committee Campaign Chair


Hillary Clinton’s 1996 book reveals her own character—a person who puts her fellow human being’s welfare first, and ideology second. What do we not understand about her statement made in 1996? “It takes a village to raise a child.” Her life reflects her commitment to civil rights, good government, and building unity through thoughtful thinking and negotiations. Her detractors attack her with unsubstantiated allegations for poor judgment and wrongdoing, yet she stands like a rock in the face of adversity and is always the last person standing. This nation needs her judgment, expertise, and experience to guide us.

She is the first female to gain the nomination for president of a major political party. That is immaterial. Furthermore, this nation must not stop with her election as president. We must elevate more women to public office. Why? Because since 2010, our elected male officials have proven that they cannot govern. Instead of solving problems, they attack women’s rights, LGBT rights, children’s programs, unions, the poor, and seek an ever-increasing disparity in incomes.


Illustrations by Katerina Kuss