The Artists of Yellow Cottage

The Artists of Yellow Cottage

Yellow Cottage is the gem of Shupp’s Grove, offering unique, unusual, vintage and handmade items. There is something for every curious soul who enters through its doors. Artists and business partners Deb Serdy, Emily Truman, and Molly Cahill are three innovative and resourceful ladies who have turned the little yellow jewel into a vibrant and welcoming shop for everyone to visit.

Debbie Serdy is responsible for spearheading this winning collaboration. She brings her own line of pop culture jewelry, accessories and re-fashioned clothing to the cottage. I asked Debbie what she wanted folks to see when they first encounter Yellow Cottage. “I want that ‘wow’ factor for visitors. I love the ‘girl scout camp’ feel of the place. I also love to help young artists figure how to make a living at what they love to do.”

Emily Truman’s singular flair for creating up-cycled clothing, hats, and scarves aligns perfectly with the kitschy, vintage theme the partners are going for. She envisions concentrating more on her line of up-cycled shirts. I asked Emily what her personal hope was for this collaboration. “I hope the public sees three different artists coming together, sharing creativity and inspiring people.”

Molly Cahill specializes in handmade leather handbags and vegan taxidermy. When I questioned Molly on what she hopes to achieve at the cottage, she told me she loves vintage items and that creating “handmade” pieces makes her happy. “My goal is to recreate vintage dress patterns. I’d also love to learn to weld!” It’s clear to see why this artistic trio is so successful.

The “pickers” season is upon us at Shupp’s Grove. Plan to spend the day where quiet breezes gently embrace the many strolling visitors and rows of trees. Wander slowly, drop by Yellow Cottage and take something unique home with you.

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