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The Shoppes

The Shoppes

Bridging decades of history, fame and tradition with a stream of expansion and progress, the County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, continues to thrive each year. From a growing economy to an ever-evolving downtown city scene, it is a place that transplants from areas like New York, Boston and Baltimore are beginning to call home.

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More affordable than their large metropolitan counterparts, small cities like Lancaster provide young professionals with the conveniences of urban living at a fraction of the cost. Uniquely conducive to enhancing one’s quality of life right alongside their career, Lancaster offers residents a charming small-town feel, robust art and dining scene and a myriad of outdoor activities. It is a best of both worlds experience few other U.S. cities can provide. However, ambitious millennials and young families aren’t the only ones taking notice. With the first ever Cartoon Network Hotel set to open locally in 2019, even major media conglomerates are planting roots here in Lancaster.

So what does this influx of business and residents have to do with retail? Well, for one newly constructed galleria, just about everything.

Nestled along the highly trafficked intersection of Centerville and Columbia Avenue sits a brand new 7 unit retail destination affectionately known as The Shoppes. Home to smart design, thoughtful planning and fresh construction, The Shoppes will provide customers with an intimate experience they are yet to find anywhere else. Catering to the interests of local residents, the newly minted plaza is searching for tenants who will as a whole, function together to cultivate a synergy of support for both customers and their neighboring business owners to make this new boutique center different. The building owner is hopeful for businesses that include boutiques, fitness studios, cafes, salons and some form of art experience to serve this neighborhood community.

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Only a three minute drive from Route 30 and adjacent to fellow shopping center Western Corners, the sleek construction at 2933–2993 Columbia Avenue includes a clean and minimalistic exterior. Internally the building has been left raw to ensure flexibility of the space for incoming tenants. Once a business has signed a lease, delivery of the space will begin immediately. Measuring in at just over 1,400 square feet, each unit is open for tenants eager to fulfill the needs of the area. In addition, the landlord has noted that there is flexibility to combine spaces if a particular business is in need of extra space.

Spearheading development of the project is PPM Real Estate, a wholly owned subsidiary of Progressive Property Management, Inc. With a history of experience in the areas of commercial real estate, property management and project development, PPM has established a reputation of excellence in the Lancaster County area. Through a strong community network and up to date knowledge, PPM prides itself on understanding the unique strengths and opportunities available within the county. Local real estate professional’s company heads, Tracy Lin Horst and Corinn Kirchner, and their tenacious, creative and energetic support team are in the process of searching targeted tenancy for businesses that indulge clientele to shop, relax, and unwind. It is their belief that in the case of The Shoppes, complementing and expanding the Lancaster County retail presence begins with community.   

“At PPM we cultivate an understanding of client needs and strategy and work proactively to create success,” echoed the brokers. “In the case of The Shoppes it was clear to us from the start that the landlord wanted to do something different.”

Whether it be to sweat at a new studio or decompress over a savory meal, there’s no question that consumers in Lancaster are ready for options. However, it’s important to remember that the area has a rich and diverse population of residents that range in age, occupation and interest. To mediate that concern as Lancaster continues to grow, Horst and Kirchner hope to fill the center with a variety of businesses that offer something personal and fresh for everyone.

Progressive Property Management, Inc.

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