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The Ultimate Lancaster Themed Gift Guide

The Ultimate Lancaster Themed Gift Guide

Whether you’re trying to commemorate a chapter in your life, pay homage to a city you love, or just send some love from Lancaster to those you care most about this holiday season, this is the gift guide for you.

Sure, Lancaster is known for its nationally-recognized food and other goods (whoopie pies and Amish furniture, anyone?) But there's just something extra special about sending a gift that's branded or themed with Lancaster's name, or any one of its most famed cultural staples.

Your Local Favorite T-Shirt
Where to get it: Foxduck 


When it comes to supporting local businesses, there’s nothing as good as actually wearing their name and brand on your body (save for, perhaps, an Instagram post or two). That’s where Foxduck comes in: the King St. store hand prints custom designs featuring the most famous businesses and cultural staples in the city. But don’t worry, this isn’t like a promotional t-shirt. The designs are absolutely impeccable, and everything is ethically-made.

Lancaster Letterpress Map
Where to get it: Ellicott & Co

lanc mapedit.jpg

There’s something really special about gazing at a bird’s eye view of a city you know so well. Whether you love to check out some of your favorite spots, or simply just get some perspective now and again, this minimalist, letterpress map printed on 110 lb. soft cotton paper will do just the trick. At 18” x 14” it’s perfect for home decor, and even features Lancaster’s signature compass rose on the bottom right.

Thaddeus Espresso
Where to get it: Square One Coffee


Anyone from Lancaster knows that one of the most popular aspects of living local is the coffee culture. Everyone has a favorite shop and preferred brew, but when it comes to inspiring local grinds, you’re going to want to pick up a Thaddeus Espresso, named for Thaddeus Stevens, a Pennsylvania civil rights activist after whom a local college was named. Though it has “espresso” in the title, fear not, as it makes a great drip coffee, too.

“Lanc” Flag
Where to get it: UnitedRags 

lanc flag.png

Wave it tall and wave it proud: this flag will let everyone know which city you belong to (or at least, your heart belongs in) though it’s impeccable design likely makes it more of an interior design staple. With a simple abbreviation “LANC” across the front, there’s nothing not to love about the minimalist design. Even better: $10 from the sale of all flags will be donated to ricebowls.org, which provides meals to orphans in developing countries.

Lancaster Souvenier Tee
Where to get it: Ellicot & Co

lancaster t.png

Simple, clean, and gets the point across: Lancaster is the newest hip city in the U.S. This t-shirt is as iconic as it is versatile, with the city’s name plastered in a sans-serif font across your chest. It’s 100% cotton, and produced on 1950s needle loom.

Lancaster Coloring Book
Where to get it: lancastercoloringbook.com 


Sure, there have been tons of gifts for adults, but what about the little Lanc lovers in your life? Fear not, as the Lancaster Coloring Book is the perfect gift for kids. It comes in a package with two separate editions featuring over 40 illustrations of Lancaster’s most historic and iconic buildings. Honestly, you’ll probably want to pick up a colored pencil and have your hand at it as well. 

Thistle Finch Market Alley Gin


This Lancaster-made gin is something many liquor connoisseurs travel far and wide to try for themselves at Thistle Finch Distillery. Made in small batches locally, this gin is created with a mix of “traditional botanicals,” and looks as good as it tastes. Whether you display it on your bar cart or keep it out for your nightly cocktail, it’s some of the best Lancaster has to offer. (750ML / 40% ABV / $28)

By Brianna Wiest

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