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The 12 Most Instagrammable Spots In Lancaster City

The 12 Most Instagrammable Spots In Lancaster City

Whether you’re a tourist swinging through for the afternoon, a transplant getting a feel for the lay of the land, or a local eager to find something new to post, Lancaster City is a treasure trove of historical landmarks, famous destinations, and hidden gems for your Instagram feed. In honor of being squarely amid the digital age, we have designated these 12 spots as our “Must ‘Gram” of 2017. The next time you’re passing one by and decide to snap a pic, be sure to tag @fllmag and #fllmustgram, so we can repost our favorites! 

 1. The 8th floor of the Prince St. Garage  

If you’re looking for clean walls, amazing views and great light, check out the 8th floor of the Prince St. parking garage. There’s a two toned brick and white wall, and another with a massive “8” painted on the front. If posing isn’t your thing, there are some really amazing views of the city from multiple perspectives. Either way, you can’t go wrong. 

2. Passenger

Aside from having amazing coffee and even better service, Passenger, located at 7 W. King St., is known for it’s high ceilings, white tiles and large, airy windows. It’s a minimalist photo op dream, and if you’re going to pose with a coffee, this is the place to do it.

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3. Central Market 

One point of interest that tourists and locals have in common is undoubtedly Central Market. (This is rare, as in other cities locals tend to avoid overcrowded tourist spots.) If you’re spending the morning there, grab a canvas bag for fresh produce, your favorite coffee and breakfast of choice, then head upstairs to take an aerial shot of the space. The space is also filled with hidden gems – like the stairway that gets beautiful light in the morning – if you’re looking for something a little more unique. 

4. Market Alleyway

Now that you’ve covered the inside of Central Market, another amazing spot is the alleyway outside. The perimeter is lined with great stores, restaurants and cafés, and if you’re in town for a party or event in the space, it’s as charming as it gets.  


5. “Everything Will Be Ok” Wall

Another hidden gem in the city is the wall behind the Fulton Elementary School, or the 200 block of West Marion. It reads: “Everything will be okay” in a big, black font. Aside from being a pretty sight, it’s also a great message. Double win.

6. Musser Park 

If you’re wandering the east side of town, surely you’ll want to spend some time at Musser Park. The landscape itself offers some beautiful shots, and some of the city's most beautiful real estate encircles the park as well. Make sure you stop by for the East Side market, where you can pick up handmade art, some raved-about Harvest Moon Bagels, or a box of plants from BloomBox. 


7. Square One Courtyard

Another great coffee shop in the city (and über Instagrammable spot) is Square One Coffee on Duke St. If you take your drink out to the back courtyard, you’ll find plants, vines, and bistro lights all nestled into the corner. Additionally, just behind the shop is a black, brick wall that many people like to stop and take photos in front of (guilty as charged!) 

Must 'Gram – Prince St. Pop Up Park.jpg

8. Prince St. Pop Up Park

If you’re roaming downtown in the months before the Surveyor Hotel begins construction, you won’t be able to miss the Prince St. Pop Up Park. There are tables and chairs set up, and various food and ice cream trucks are usually available most nights. Stop by for some Penny’s ice cream or a fresh taco, and snap a pic while you’re at it.

9. Penn Square

Whether you’re coming to Lancaster for the very first time, celebrating a festival like PRIDE, meeting friends for Celebrate Lancaster, singing carols during the Christmas tree lighting, or holding signs during a protest, there’s almost always an occasion to meet in Penn Square. The landmark centre of downtown Lancaster, it is encircled by traditional façades, famous skyscrapers and of course, always lots of people. 

10. The Park Bar

Everyone knows that having dinner at the Pressroom is a Lancaster staple, but what’s even better is heading out to the Park Bar to have a drink or enjoy the view of the alleyway and waterfall. 


11. Tellus 360 Rooftop

If you’re looking for some stellar aerial views of the city, the Tellus rooftop is the place to be. Newly renovated, there are now extended seating options and beautiful new table installments, all lined with plants and other garden fixtures. Off to the northeast end you’ll see a perfect view over Penn Square. 

12. Tucquan Glenn Nature Preserve

If you’re interested in heading out of the city, one of the best trails around is located down River Road, in the Tucquan Glenn Nature Preserve. Through the trails, you’ll see people walking their dogs, taking their kids to the waterfalls to swim, or just hiking along the stream. It’s a beautiful place to get away for the day, and all within a short driving distance to boot. 

The Central City Orchestra

The Central City Orchestra

Bryan Norris, the Humanitarian Artist and Remmy Kasongo, the Refugee Tailor

Bryan Norris, the Humanitarian Artist and Remmy Kasongo, the Refugee Tailor