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10 Ways To Shake Off The Winter Blues, Lancaster City Style

10 Ways To Shake Off The Winter Blues, Lancaster City Style


Whether your winter prep routine consists of pulling out old wool sweaters, canning garden goods, stashing air conditioning units or just investing in your annual Balsam Fir candle, there’s no doubt that everyone has their own way to adjust to changing seasons. The weather has been extra tricky over the past year or so, offering more warm days in fall and winter than is typical, and sometimes these intense (and unexpected) fluctuations actually make it harder to adjust to the cold and can even wreak havoc on your immune system.

Some reports state that Seasonal Affective Disorder affects up to 10-20% of men and women annually. Whether you have a diagnosis or not, the upcoming weather shift can ultimately take its toll on anyone’s mental and emotional wellbeing. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a list of ways that you can stave off the winter blues in Lancaster City. These regional-based suggestions can keep you dancing, shopping, viewing, cleaning, volunteering and pampering all season long.

1. Cozy up your home.

Head downtown into Details Style for Living to invest in a few statement pieces for the new season, whether that’s holiday decorations that lift your mood or just a cozy throw. If you want to shop even smaller, stock up on cozy lighting with candles from Hamilton Wax Co.

2. Do a winter clean out.

While spring cleaning gets all the credit, clearing out your space, donating unused clothes or even beginning some DIY refurbishing can help you bring some life back into the short, cold days of winter.

3. Volunteer.

Make a commitment to regularly volunteer at a local food or homeless shelter. Consider taking your family and friends to help feed those in need during the holidays (many churches and shelters have programs that are usually in need of assistants). Gather some canned goods and bring them along as well.

4. Literally shake it off and go dancing.

The Village has themed parties year-round, and of course music and movement always abounds at Lancaster staples like Tellus360 or the Chameleon Club.

5. Book a local B&B for a staycation.

If you need to shake up your routine but don’t want to leave the state or country, consider renting a room in a super charming local bed and breakfast. You’ll get to see a side of your hometown that you usually don’t – all while enjoying local food and hospitality.

6. Snag show tickets in advance.

Whether you’re looking forward to the annual holiday play at the Fulton or just pumped to catch some of your favorite bands and musicians play at the Chameleon Club, Lancaster offers no shortage of entertainment. Book tickets now so you have something to look forward to, and look out for special advance pricing.

7. Make time for traditions, like the annual tree lighting.

Each year, Lancaster gathers downtown to listen to carols and watch the tree light up to welcome in the beginning of the holiday season. There’s food, cider, and of course, just about everyone you know!

8. Invest in a monthly fitness membership.

Spots like West End Yoga or FitStudio offer monthly passes so you can take as many classes or training sessions as you’d like.

9. Book a spa or salon appointment in advance.

Sometimes the best way to brighten up your mood is with a little bit of self-care. Book an appointment for a haircut, facial or massage so you have something to look forward to. Check out Bristle & Prim, Luxe Salon (and spa!) or Visage a Visage for all of your spa needs.

10. And of course… drink!

When all else fails, grab your best buds for a round or two of beers at your favorite local bar. Watch for specials ($1 tacos at DipCo on Mondays!). There’s no more tried and true way to get you through the dark days of winter… just don’t forget to grab a Rijuice from market the morning after.

By: Brianna Wiest

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