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You Should Be Following: Home & Decor Edition

You Should Be Following: Home & Decor Edition

In decorating a new apartment, I tend to find my best inspiration from unlikely sources. No, not Pinterest (though, yes, Pinterest too, of course). My usual course of action is just to scroll through my Instagram feed. The explore tab is ripe with opportunities to discover all sorts of creative, beautiful ideas and hacks. From a record shelf to closet organization tricks, I’ve seen and used them all. But it takes time to find accounts that match your personal aesthetic and DIY skill level. So in honor of this issue’s “home and decor” theme, here are some of my favorites – I hope they inspire you to set out on your own social media search! 

Shelby Sorrel - @shelbysorrel


If bright color is your thing, you need to check out Shelby Sorrel’s account, like, yesterday. Based in Austin, Texas, her feed is a well-balanced mix of food, fun murals, beautifully decorated rooms, and good times with her equally photogenic friends, all in dazzling colors that make the photos feel sunwashed, jolting the viewer awake with their intensity. Sorrel is certainly one of those Instagrammers who will leave you wondering, “Who possibly lives such a beautiful life?” and then, just as quickly, “And what wall in my house would look best with that gorgeous wallpaper?” 


Olivia Muenter - @oliviamuenter

Olivia Muenter is the quintessential New York City Cool Girl. To her followers, she seems like the stylish best friend or older sister everyone wants to have looking out for them, telling them about the coolest trends, and suggesting design tricks you’d never think of, while somehow looking totally perfect at all times. Her account is bright, fun, stylish, and yet somehow still relatable. She turns even something simple like a cup of coffee or a vase of roses into something worthy of archival. 


Rebecca Deczynski - @rebeccadecz

Bewitching. There’s really no other word to better describe Rebecca Deczynski’s account than that. Her photos are filled with a sense of airiness and whimsy; even when she’s just posting a snapshot of a nightstand or the most recent book she’s read, everything about her life and her account feels, well, magical. She makes common things look special, and special things look like a dream. Check out her account if you’re trying to find the right place for your salt lamp, want to incorporate some Millennial Pink into your life, or are still trying (and okay, sometimes failing) to design and hang that perfect gallery wall. 

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