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Lindsay Bretz-Morgan

Lindsay Bretz-Morgan

Lindsay Bretz-Morgan on Bridging Independent Theater and Individuality in Lancaster

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When it comes to the world of theater, actress and producer Lindsay Bretz-Morgan has seen it all. Taking the stage for the first time at just eight-years-old, she has spent her career participating in both professional and community programs throughout the nation. However, if there is one show that holds a special place in her heart, it's The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

For those unfamiliar, Rocky Horror follows a young engaged couple as they seek shelter from a storm after their car breaks down. Upon entering an abandoned castle, they are met by a cast of over-the-top characters. While the production has become a cult classic over the last few decades, it has always been met with some offense. To this end, Lindsay says, “We live in a beautiful world now that accepts so many things, and we’ve come so far. Thirty years ago a lot of people were probably offended by Rocky Horror, and today, some still are. But I want people to know it's okay to be different. It’s okay to get your freak on. It’s okay for two men (or women) to be together. Love is love. And while Lancaster is my favorite city I’ve ever lived in, one thing we could always use is more open-mindedness.” 

Aside from playing a variety of Rocky Horror characters herself, including Janet, Magenta, Columbia, Eddie and an usherette, Lindsay has also produced, directed and choreographed the show at three different community theaters over the last 14 years.  Now, she's bringing all of that experience to downtown Lancaster.

For two performances — which are scheduled to premiere around Halloween — Lindsay and a cast of talented local performers will take the stage at Zoetropolis. When asked about why the venue appealed to her in particular, she shared: “Even though I’ve lived in Lancaster for five years, I grew up in the Harrisburg area. So, for the most part, that’s where I’ve always done theater. When the show’s decade long run at the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center was finally put to rest, my friends kept telling me to check out Zoetropolis. Once I did, I fell in love, and by the time I left we’d agreed to do the show there.”

“I am so proud of how much people and businesses support each other here, and I am hoping to bring a lot of new customers to Zoetropolis and their amazing space," she continued. "Ultimately, the more people I can introduce to live theatre the better. Art is so beautiful and I think everyone should experience it in some form at least once in their lives.”

When discussing the role of theater within the Lancaster community, Lindsay reminds us that independently funded and produced shows are important. "It is raw and real, and it is an outlet for so many actors and musicians," she said. "These small productions with avant-garde ideas all have one thing in common: people who are fulfilling a passion. And you would be shocked at just how much talent we have in central PA. As the show's producer, I'm thrilled to know that tickets have already almost sold out. Clearly, Lancaster is excited for this — and so are we."
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Story By: Sam Maracic
Photos By: Mark Pontz

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